My lamp projects on dontshootmi.com, the blog of Peter Lissidini, in the best of Tortona Around Design.


Enjoy the best moments of Fuorisalone's week at Gianlorenzo Molaroni Design stand


It's time to collect ideas and feedback resulting from this interesting week; breathing air of innovation, design and itch to do, with thousands of visitors passed through asking for information on products. 

At the link below the highlights of the week.



Finally my Ceramic Light Concepts at Fuorisalone 2014.

From today to the 13th of April, I'm waiting for you at "Beside" Space, via Tortona 20, to present my products.


Attention to details is everything.

Also the signature is a key element that deserves special care. In fact it is the element that makes each lamp exclusive and unique.

For this reason, I decided to create a logotype that showed the passion behind each creation, with the goal of making it simple and recognizable as well as elegant and dressy at the same time.

It is exactly this 3rd dimension that pushed me to think about a 3d logotype to impress in the wet ceramic: a physic element that leaves the mark.

I chose it to be the logo of my company and this is the proof of the authenticity of each single one of my products. 


Hello, I'm the one pictured here - welcome to my website.
As you might have guessed, I've been working in design, ceramics and lamps, for a while now. But it hasn't been easy to put together the ideas I've been working on, and working out, for years. To be honest, I was about to give up ... and then I asked myself, why? Why not just do it?

And now my Ceramic Light Concepts are online!
I have tried to insert everything I've done and what is currently in the pipeline, giving you an inside look into what's behind my projects, my idea of light and design.

In this section, which I'll update periodically, you will find the latest news, previews, customized pieces, behind the scenes production and some shots leaked from unrevealed products, exhibitions and fairs I attend, or I want to critique. In other words everything comes to my mind.

I hope you like my work and write to me for any further information.

Browse away!
Gianlorenzo Molaroni